5 Questions you should ask your practitioner

Botox, dermal fillers, leeds, wakefield, Dr Sheppard

Dermal fillers, botox, Wakefield, Leeds1. Which brands of products do you use and why?
There are various types of facial aesthetic products on the market, they are not all the same in terms of quality and results. Understanding the differences is very important and something you need to discuss with your practitioner.

2. Has the product been extensively tested and researched?
Your practitioner should be able to reassure you of the quality and reputation of the brand used. They should be able to provide a link to the website so you can do some further research before making a decision.

3. How much experience does your practitioner have and what training have they received?
This question is very important as medically trained practitioners such as nurses and doctors have a duty to protect you as a patient by following stringent standards of quality and safety. In addition Botulinum Toxin is a prescription only medicine so can only be purchased by medical professionals who have the relevant qualifications to be able to prescribe the drug. It is advisable dermal fillers should only be administered by a medically trained practitioner such as a doctor or nurse who can advise on treatment options that are safe and quality assured based on your medical history and your personal goals.

4. Ask about treatment options that will achieve realistic results?
Its very important to have realistic expectations of what can be achieved. Prior to your consultation, think about what areas you really want to change and research what treatments will achieve the best results for you. Your practitioner should be able to provide guidance on the best treatments options available to achieve the desired results.

5. How satisfied are existing patients with the results?
Your practitioner should be able to tell you about other patients who have consented to share their before and images and stories to give you can indication of the type of results that can be achieved post treatment

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